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Topos e Fundos Historicos




The Indicator of historical tops and backgrounds is based on the monthly chart where sharks hide so it was developed to facilitate the identification of these regions.

The available features are the Incoming Triggers alerts and notifications that are sent to the mobile phone.




1-) Tops and Bottoms: You can change the color of the lines and the period in years and the filter range between the top and bottom and the median and consider the body or shadow of the candle.


2-)  Medias 6×21: Input triggers is the media where you can configure and activate notification alerts for those who do not know how to configure the Notification link:  https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/476.



4-)  Panel: The Panel brings batch information and proportionality and availability of lots.

Also the calculation of the price in relation to the top and funds in the 5 years , 2 months and weekly.

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