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Trade Manager Pro MT5 Version


Every forex trader knows that the exit strategy is the key to success. However, do all traders have such a strategy?

95% of traders do not use it because of such common trading emotions as fear and greed.

Without a clear plan for closing the position (when to take profit, when to
go out, and when to wait) you can’t count on a stable profit

Given the importance of money and transaction management, we have three options:

You can choose one of the described options if you have
enough time and money for research, development, and testing.

But if you are looking for a quick and effective solution, then it is right in front of you.

All product features are listed below.

  • Manage By Magic Number – the Expert Advisor manages trades with the same number
    a magic number. Using different magic numbers on different levels
    charts allows the Expert Advisor to manage trades opened by others.
    expert advisors and scripts. The default value is set by me. You
    you can change it at your own discretion.
  • Manage By Trade Comment-the Expert Advisor manages trades that have the same comment as the trading robot.
  • Manage By Ticket Number-the Expert Advisor manages a single trade that has a certain value in the “Order” column of the trading terminal.
  • Manage This Pair Only-the Expert Advisor manages all trades on the
    the graph on which it is installed. You can use this option with
    one of the previous three for greater accuracy when observing the group
    transactions. Do not try to use it with more than one of the previous ones
    options, since the Expert Advisor simply won’t work.
  • Manage All Trades – be careful with this option. With her
    When enabled, the Expert Advisor will take control of all open trades, canceling them
    everything you entered in the previous settings. Install this
    the parameter is set to true only if none of your open trades are closed.
    requires special attention.
  • Manage Specified Pairs-the Expert Advisor manages the pairs specified in the
    the PairsToManage input parameter. You can edit the list of currency pairs

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  • Set initial Take Profit and Stop Loss-stop loss and take
    profit are set immediately after opening a position. Thus,
    even if you forget to set a stop loss, it will be set
  • Last Bar Stop Loss-the stop loss is set to the minimum or maximum value of the last bar.
  • Last Swing Stop Loss the stop loss is set to
    the level of the last minimum or maximum fluctuation immediately after
    opening a buy or sell transaction.
  • Stop Loss To Break Even – the stop loss level is moved to
    break-even point as soon as the price passes a certain amount
    points in a profitable direction.
  • RSI Based Stop Loss-this parameter can be used
    in different ways. For example, you can set it this way,
    so that a buy or sell transaction is closed when the price turns out to be
    below or above 50. The RSI is used in different ways, and you can configure all the
    parameters to use the indicator when closing positions. He also
    it can be used in combination with other stop loss features and
    take profit.
  • MACD Based Stop Loss the MACD oscillator is used
    by many traders. You can use the MACD to close positions when
    the price drops below or rises above zero. All necessary
    the parameters are available in the Expert Advisor.
  • Time based Stop Loss the duration of the trade in minutes or hours from the moment of opening. After the specified time, the transaction is closed.
  • Partial Close partial closure (the number is not limited to
    limited). For example, an Expert Advisor can close 10% of the lot size, like
    only the price passes 10 pips, 40% – when the price reaches 40 pips, and
    so on.
  • Time Based Stop Loss-the trade is closed after the specified time.

  • Simple trailing (normal)
  • Parabolic trailing (based on Parablic)
  • ATRStop trailing (based on ATRStop)
  • X Bars Back trailing (return to X bars)
  • Fractal based trailing (based on fractals)
  • Bollinger Bands trailing (based on Bollinger bands)
  • Moving Average trailing (based on the moving average)
  • Donchian Channel trailing (based on the Donchian channel)

  • Account level Drawdown (in Percentages) – all orders
    closed as soon as the total profit or loss reaches
    the set drawdown value or maximum profit (as a percentage
    or any base currency offered by your broker).
  • Account level Take Profit (in Percentages) – all orders
    closed as soon as the total profit or loss reaches
    set value (in percent or any base currency
    offered by your broker).
  • Basket level Stop loss (in Dollar terms) controlled
    all orders that meet your selection criteria. All orders
    they are closed as soon as the total loss reaches a certain level.
    values in dollars (or any other base currency offered by your company).
  • Basket level Take Profit (in Dollar terms) – controlled by
    all orders that meet your selection criteria. All orders
    they are closed as soon as the total profit reaches a certain level.
    values in dollars.
  • UseTimeFilter – working / non-working time of the Expert Advisor.
  • Reverse Trade-opening a position in the opposite direction
    when the stop loss is reached. The position is opened with the same size and with the same
    the same settings.
  • Alert-a message about the beginning of closing positions.
  • Mail – an email that is sent after the successful closing of all positions.
  • Mobile-sending push notifications to mobile terminals whose MetaQuotes IDs are specified in the Notifications tab.

Note: From time to time, we will add new options and you will receive free updates.


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