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An easy-to-manage Trading panel will ensure safe trading. Calculates the transaction volume from the specified Stop Loss level and the amount of loss.
It will help you calculate the safe, and close the wrong transaction at zero. The intuitive interface makes the panel easy to
manage, freeing the trader’s attention to make a decision about entering a trade. The program will do all the calculations for you. Therefore,
working with the Sniper panel is the optimal solution for trading in compliance with Money management. And this is the main key to making a profit
on Forex.

Download the free version of the Sniper Trading Panel for demo accounts and a detailed description:  The trading
panel is not designed to work in the tester.

The main concept of the Trading Panel is to create the necessary minimum of controls for comfortable operation. At the same time,
its functionality does not suffer at all, which will expand with the release of new versions. Extremely flexible settings allow you to adapt
A trading panel for your Trading system and your style.

The situation is familiar to everyone. You open a deal, the price goes to plus, you move it to breakeven. But the price returns, closes the breakeven and
goes to the intended goal without you.
A safe will help here. When a deal goes into the plus, you use one of the methods to close part of it. The program calculates it so that if a
Stop Loss is triggered, the transaction closes in the aggregate breakeven. After closing the safe, the transaction remains safely in the market. This relieves
you of the emotional stress associated with the possible loss, and significantly increases the productivity of work.

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With the help of Stop lines, before opening a trade, you set the desired Stop Loss level for the program. The panel calculates the volume of a future transaction so
that the loss on Stop Loss is a percentage of your funds set in the settings. This will allow you to clearly observe
Money management, fully controlling losses.

Closing transactions is conveniently implemented using the author’s development. All transactions for which the safe is closed are displayed on an additional
tab of the Trading Panel. Here you can close any order in full or in part. You can also pre-set the volume of each
order that needs to be closed. And at the right price, by pressing one button, immediately close the entire combination of parts and entire transactions.

Find out how these and other functions work. Download a detailed description and a free version of the Sniper Trading Panel. Meet her
use all the features on a demo account, and trade comfortably on a real one. Have a good profit and successful deals for you.

P.S. Follow the Youtube channel,
short videos about the panel’s capabilities will be available in the near future.


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