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Trade panel with autopilot


The Expert Advisor implements a reversal strategy that uses the analysis of price bases of the ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE type to generate signals. Statistical observations of the price bases of different timeframes allow us to make an assumption about the possible vector of price movement. The probability of such an event is shown as a scale and is duplicated by a percentage expression. Using the functionality of the trading panel, you can issue orders to the broker for the execution of trading operations. This Expert Advisor uses market orders. In addition, you can reduce or increase the size of the position, close and protect the position, and enable autopilot.

Autopilot is an automated trading based on panel signals. It is activated by pressing the corresponding button.

  • on_off_trade – Autopilot (On/Off) / Enabling or disabling autopilot;
  • inp_open_Buy – Threshold values for the opening Buy / Threshold value of the signal for the opening Buy;
  • inp_close_Buy – Threshold values for the closing Buy / Threshold value of the signal for closing Buy;
  • inp_open_Sell – Threshold values for the opening Sell / Threshold value of the signal for opening Sell;
  • inp_close_Sell – Threshold values for the closing Sell / Threshold value of the signal for closing Sell;
  • inp_on_lot – if “false” to lot % of the equity / Fixed lot or as a percentage of Equity;
  • inp_lot_fix – Fixed lot / Fixed lot value;
  • inp_lot_perc – Percentage of equity ( % ) / Percentage of Equity for lot calculation;
  • on_off_SL – Stop Loss ( On/Off) / Enabling or disabling the SL installation;
  • tff-Timeframe for calculating the SL / Timeframe for calculating SL levels.

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  • You can optimize the panel’s input parameters in the strategy tester by enabling autopilot at startup.;
  • You can choose how to calculate the lot size of orders: fixed or a percentage of equity;
  • It is possible to enable the option of setting the stop loss, while the SL levels are calculated using fractals.
  • When a position is reversed, manually placed orders are also taken into account, that is, the position is first completely closed and only then opened in the opposite direction.


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