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Trader Control Panel DEMO


TCP Trader Control Panel is an
extension of manual trading in MetaTrader 5 for working with open
positions. Adds functions for opening/closing positions, as well as a convenient
dashboard for monitoring and managing funds and risks. Positions are
opened/closed with the mouse by placing the stop loss line at the desired
level or by pressing a certain key. Before entering the market, the Expert Advisor
calculates the lot size, limiting losses to the value set in the
parameters. The risk can be set as a % of the deposit or in a fixed amount.
in the form in the deposit currency.

This is a demo version of the Trader Control Panel. The Expert Advisor is controlled by the mouse and / or keys, which is not supported by the tester. Therefore, the product cannot be tested in the tester. This demo version differs only in that it does not open or close positions. You can test the behavior of the Expert Advisor, but you can’t trade. This demo mode allows you to test TCP and decide if it is right for you, before buying or renting. The full version of the Trader Control Panel with a full description is available here.

All the parameters of the Expert Advisor are grouped into three sections according to their functions:

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  • Open StopLoss – the maximum allowable risk when opening a
    new position. If Open StopLoss > 0, its value is expressed as % of the
    balance. If Open StopLoss < 0, its value is expressed in money in the deposit currency.
  • Price deviation during open – price deviation during open.
  • StopLoss step moving by keyboard – the size of the stop loss step in points for moving the stop loss line of the position using the keys (up and down arrows).
  • Autoset TakeProfit multiplier of StopLoss Size
    distance multiplier for auto-adjusting the take profit when opening a position. At 0
    the position is opened without the initial take profit (you can set
    it later).
  • Use keys-enable / disable the keyboard (INS-open, DEL-close, 1-9-partially close).


  • Symbols in panel – the number of symbols (from the top of the “Market Overview”) to display in the TCP panel.
  • Background – the background color of the TCP panel.
  • Text – the color of the TCP panel text.
  • Borders – the color of the TCP panel borders.
  • Zoom factor – the zoom level of the panel in tablet mode.
  • Use mini charts – use mini charts. If false,
    the zoom button is also hidden, but you can switch the table mode from the
    keyboard by pressing the Z key.


  • Background – the background color of the TCP panel.
  • Loss text – the color of the TCP panel text for the profit position < 0.
  • Profit text – the text color of the TCP panel for the position with profit > 0.
  • Protected profit bar – the text color of the TCP panel for the position with protected profit > 0.

Warning: Trader Control Panel does not work in the tester,
since it completely ignores all mouse and keyboard events that
are the core of this Expert Advisor.

So, there are three ways to decide whether a product is right for you or not:


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