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The main purpose of the indicator is to determine the most optimal entry and exit points for a trade. The indicator consists of three parts.

The first is the arrows that show the optimal entry and exit points for a trade. The up arrow is a buy signal, the down arrow is a sell signal.
The indicator has an analytical analysis algorithm, which includes a set of standard indicator readings, as well as the
author’s algorithm.

The second part is the information in the upper right corner (works on the M1-D1 timeframes). There is data from a variety of indicators (Stohastic,
RSI, MACD, MA) on six periods of this currency pair (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4). This block provides information about the situation on the currency pair for all
periods based on several indicators.

The third part shows the current direction of the arrows and the strength of the trend.

The indicator does not redraw its values.

There is a version for MT5

  • Power-indicator period
  • Alerts-use an audible alarm when a signal appears
  • Show_info – show / don’t show information
  • EmailAlerts – whether to send a message to an email when a signal appears
  • MobileAlerts-whether to send a message to the mobile terminal when a signal appears
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