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created based on extensive training on shared trading approaches so as to automate those strategies and calculations currently introduced for public use. (designed and programmed by Jason Kisogloo)

19 Individual signs – Each one of these signals can be biased in a neural network style configurations to constitute the final / overall result. Each signal has its own settings to be customised or optimized if desired.

Comprehensive On Screen Display – Six snap off Panels with comprehensive data and tool tips. (click panel border to fold out or off… settings stored per instrument automatically):

  • Signal Panel – displays signal analysis with biasing information and signal details.
  • News Panel – up and coming news evens with forecast effect on current instrument with count down to event. (Options for internal Mt5 Economic Calendar vs  Forex Factory Scraper – https://www.forexfactory.com must be added to allowed websites in Metatrader 5 for this feature)
  • EA Settings Panel – provides information on current EA Setting and Entry information based on stops and money settings.
  • Profit and Loss Panel – Provides the overall profit and loss performance of historical trades for 8 different time periods.
  • Toggle panel – One click toggle switches for on screen indicators and charting.
  • Manual Trade Action – One click manual trade action panel, where you can set your risk, and either open or close positions. Position stops and lot size are auto calculated based on your custom setting.
  • Tickets panel – Here the ticket information, settings for tickets on the instrument and profit or loss based on stops(through Traders Toolbox)are cycled through and display for 5 seconds per open ticket. 
  • Account Information – All relevant trading account information including brokerage, account number, account name, Instrument contract size, leverage etc…

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Auto Charting – No need for all those manual charting tasks, its done automatically for you with single click toggles….

Advanced Money Management – Lot Sizes calculated automatically based on your risk strategy / settings. (Multiple positions will be opened if max lot per order is less than your required lots as per your money management requirements with the same stops per order.)

Advanced Stop Loss / Take Profit Management – Individual Stop and Take profit strategies defined in settings determine entry stops with auto modification of stops when in Stop management mode.

Auto Trading – All of the above is used when in auto trade mode to determine entry and if configured exits points. Neutral Values of signals have three modes: close (closes position), hold (no further action) and Last Signal retain (influences overall position based on last non neutral)


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