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Trades Viewer is a trading application for serious traders. The product provides information such as the daily range, the average range for 22 days and profit/loss (PL). The transaction history and current open positions are also displayed. You can find out the details of each transaction by simply clicking on it. Thus, all the inputs/outputs are displayed in a very convenient and understandable way, allowing you to improve the trading system.

  • Just install the indicator on any chart.
  • The indicator uses the trading history from the Account History tab in the terminal. To display it, select All History.
  • Click on the trade line (open or closed) to select it and find out its type, volume, swap, profit/loss and SL/TP in points. Press Esc to deselect the selection.
  • If no transaction is selected, the panel displays data on the total number of transactions for the current symbol.

  • The red arrow of the transaction line is a loss-making transaction
  • The green arrow of the transaction line is a profitable transaction
  • The red line is a short position
  • The green line is a long position
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