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Trading box Rectangle extender MT5


Place price Alerts on Rectangles and Trendlines

Extend Rectangles and place Alerts 

Mark your supply demand zones with extended rectangle and draw support resistance lines with extended trendline.

***Find detailed manuals here. Manuals website HERE

MT4 Rectangle extender indicator will simplify and make it easier for you to analyze markets and stay notified about important events. Rectangles and trendlines can be extended into future. When you extend rectangle or trendline the action buttons will be shown (Alert, Engulf, Risk Reward). You will receive alert and mobile push notification when price comes into rectangle or when engulf happens.

  • Smart Rectangle Extender or Zone Extender

Rectangles and Trendlines will be extended into future with one click. Rectangle size, name and prices will be displayed around rectangle. You can also click on FLAT button to get horizontal flat trendline

  • Price Alert and Engulf Alert

Price Alert and Engulf detection in Rectangle extender are supported with MT4 mobile push notifications. Stay notified about market events. Phone alert or smartphone alert for price level alert

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  • Flat trendline

Button that will create horizontal flat trendline

  • Show object name

“Text” button that gives options to display rectangle or trendline text in all possible spots around or inside object. This works for non-extended rectangles and trendlines where we would like to have object name displayed in suitable place around or inside object

  • Risk reward ratio calculation

You can enable Risk Reward (RR) calculation with click on button Buy RR or Sell RR. Horizontal line will be displayed, and it will show Risk Reward ratio and pip distance betwen extended rectangle and horizontal line. You can select and move horizontal line to get your risk reward calculation information. You can hide Risk Reward line with click on button

  • Indicator customization

Trader can customize MT4 rectangle extender indicator with input properties. You can change colors, font size, element display position and some other features

  • Input properties

Trading box Rectangle extender can be configured and customized with help of Input properties. You can find explanation for each input parameter below

Before using Trading box tools please read Risk Disclosure 

This tool have functions like risk reward ratio calculation, custom text Alert, line price alert, pip counter, pip indicator, risk reward tool. This extended rectangle can be used like color level or color levels advanced rectangle tool. It can be used as order block rectangle alert. Many traders use it as consolidation box for breakout alert or break alert. Trend alert and Line alert is very useful. It works nicely with Forex Trade Manager, Trade Assistant, naked forex, Easy Trade Manager, Draw Horizontal Ray, Smart Ruler, Order Block Breaker, Quick Order Tool


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