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Trading Chaos Chart


this main functions of this index are into identify and mark this next trading signals on this charts according to this strategy “Trading Chaos second variant”:

The indicator includes the basic functions of the New Trading Dimensions Chart indicator. Namely:

  • Definition
    and marking on the graph of the signals of the histogram crossing through the line
    zero, as well as “Blue Light” signals (Blue Light Special signals) at the
    specified intersection.
  • Coloring bars by three zones (red, green and gray), defining squat bars. (Squat bars).
  • To switch to the functions of the New Trading Dimensions Chart indicator, set the value to TRUE in the incoming settings in the Use new trading dimensions colors line.

The indicator is written in exact accordance with the strategy of B. Williams for the MetaTrader 5 program.

Symbols and symbols:

  • Blue bar-squat “squat bar”.
  • Red or green asterisk on the bar – the bar has the signs of a “pivot bar”.
  • A diamond of red or green color is the signal of the “Second Sage”.
  • A square of crimson or light green color – an improved signal of the “Second Sage”, – a signal of “Special Blue Light” (Blue Light Special).
  • Red bar regardless of its direction-the bar is located in the negative momentum zone.
  • Green bar regardless of its direction-the bar is located in the positive momentum zone.

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The indicator has a signal block that informs the trader in any convenient form about the fact of the formation of a trading signal.

The indicator is an integral part of a complete shopping complex. It forms a template for the “Trading Chaos 2” strategy. Recommended for use in conjunction with the following software products:


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