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Trading Chaos Map MT5


those who’ve studied this novels of Bill Williams “New Dimensions in stock trading” and ” Trading Chaos (second edition)” and i attempted to exchange using these approaches, it becomes clear that the regular set of indicators isn’t sufficient for full scale work. The Trading Chaos Map indicator brings a “marketplace map”, letting you see the charts exactly like the author of the trilogy.

The parameters provide alternatives for enabling and disabling each signal. You can utilize the other method, or use them together . You can separately decide which signals to use, choosing according to your trading style. Also, the indicator tinctures provide you with the ability to independently determine the color scheme of the signal display.

The indicator is designed for the most accurate and comfortable trading, in full accordance with the method of Bill Williams, without introducing extraneous settings.

  • Colors the bars in certain colors according to the selected method. New Trading Dimensions – green, red, gray in the color of the “zone”, blue – “squat”. Trading Chaos – green, red by the color of the AO indicator, blue – “squat”. Also introduced is the Profitunity Windows mode, which will be useful for beginners who are just learning the technique and starting to trade on the exchange, as well as for experienced traders. Green – ” green “bar, brown – “fade”, blue – “fake”, pink – “squat”. The described colors are set by default, they can be changed in the “Colors” tab of the indicator parameters.
  • Identifies the signal of the “first sage”, and also highlights the star signal amplified by the bar configurations described in the first book “Trading Chaos”.
  • Shows the “second sage” signal – three consecutive bars of the AO oscillator of the same color.
  • Draws “third sage” signals-fractals, indicating valid and invalid signals in different colors.
  • Denotes the signals of the oscillator AO “saucer” and “zero line crossing”.
  • Shows the signals of the AC oscillator.
  • Signals “Special blue light” for AO and AU signals.
  • Indicates the addition signals in the Zone.
  • Determines the signal Line of the Balance sheet.
  • Shows signals of initial stop placement on 5 consecutive bars of the same color.
  • Switches the chart display mode to bars, as the candlestick chart becomes visually difficult to read and indeterminate.
  • At the user’s choice, it informs about the formation of new signals.

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  • Chart type
  • New Trading dimensions
  • Trading Chaos
  • Profitunity Windows
  • Use Divergent Bar
  • Use AO signals
  • Use AC signals
  • Use Zone Add
  • Use Balance Line
  • Use 5 Consecutive Bars Stop
  • Use Fractals
  • true-use;
  • false – do not use.
  •  Use messages
  • true-use;
  • false – do not use.
  • Message Type
  • Terminal Alert – signal of the terminal.
  • Push Notification-notification to the mobile device via MetaQuotes ID.
  • E-mail – sending a message to the e-mail address specified in the terminal settings

You can configure the color parameters in the “Colors” tab.

The default template according to the method described in “Trading chaos (second edition)”.

It is recommended to use the indicator with the “Black on White” color scheme in the chart properties (F8), together with the standard Bill Williams indicators included in the terminal.

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