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Tradonator ® NextGen Expert Advisor:

  • it does not transaction on this index or cost, but in the beginning of every new candle (depending on the timeframe).
  • determines the direction of the exchange depending on the built-in index, which is able to assess the trend and volatility.
  • generates separate series for buying and selling and oversees them separately.
  • for each trade of each series, it calculates the target gain amount and closes the series only from the entire profit when this aim is reached.
  • it works with any money set, any broker, and on any timeframe. In theory, you can also trade indices or commodities in the absence of rollovers.

The main strategy is not to try to predict the movement of the market, but to use the forward and backward movement, choosing the right direction. At the same time, losses can inevitably occur, which are controlled by the lot size.

Easy to use:

Choose the main currency pairs on the H1 timeframe with $ 4000 in the account. (it can also be used on a cent account with a size of 40,000 cents)

Easy to use:

Choose the main currency pairs on the H1 timeframe with $ 4000 in the account. (it can also be used on a cent account with a size of 40,000 cents)

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The main settings (for H1) include a risk control mode that protects against using too large a lot size, trading on too small timeframes, or in too small ranges. In this mode, you need $ 4000 of free funds on the account for every 0.01 lot, H1 timeframe and a range of at least 15 points. This feature can be disabled, but then trading will become much more risky!

It is recommended to set the RiskLockDown parameter to true, at least until you understand the work of the Expert Advisor.

  • The activity of the Expert Advisor can be controlled separately by the parameters TradingRangePoints and VolatilityMeasure.
  • Using a multi-currency strategy, you can start trading aggressively on small timeframes, and in case of unfavorable trading flow, you can automatically switch to higher timeframes with moderate settings.
  • The Expert Advisor can hide take profit levels from brokers and manage them independently.
  • The Expert Advisor can independently open hedging positions.
  • The Expert Advisor can independently start closing trades before the end of the week.

Tradonator ® NextGen Expert Advisor: for more than 5 years, it has been showing stable results on a real account. More information is available on my website and my YouTube channel.

  • RiskLockDown=true-enable moderate risk (0.01 lot for every 4000 deposits with a range >= 15 on the H1 timeframe)
  • LotsFix=0.01-the recommended maximum value is 0.01 lots for every 3000 deposits for one pair (the function works when RiskLockDown = false )
  • InitialTP=15-take profit for the first two trades in each series
  • PoolTargetPoints=15 – the desired take profit for the entire series
  • VirtualProfits=false – take profit mode, always use virtual TP on timeframes <= M15
  • TrendTimeFrame=60 – timeframe for the indicator calculations (in minutes)
  • VolaMeasure=true-enable / disable the measurement of volatility
  • TradingRangePoints=15 – the range in points during which no more than 1 trade will open in each direction
  • MaxSpreadPoints=8 – allowable level of spread
  • UseMultiChart=false – using multiple charts
  • StartWithTradeCount=0-the chart starts with trade # x (in both directions)
  • EndWithTradeCount=5-ends with transaction # y (in both directions) – works only when UseMultiChart = true
  • UseAutoHedging=false-enable / disable automatic hedging
  • AutoHedgingValue=1000-the absolute value of the swing for triggering the hedge
  • AutoHedgingSL=30-stop loss of hedge positions in points
  • HedgeBreakeven=20 – breakeven of the hedge position in points
  • AutoTradeOut=true-enable / disable automatic exit from trades
  • AutoTradeOutDay=4 – the start day of the Autotradeout function (0 = Sunday, 5 = Friday, by default, chastverg)
  • AutoTradeOutHour=12 – time to activate the Autotradeout function
  • CommentString=nextgen-comment on orders (unique for each instance and account)
  • CommentStringHedge=nextgenH-comment on hedging orders (unique for each instance and account)


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