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Transcendal fx Macd 200 Ema Alert


This is an alert for when price is above the 200 ema, macd is below its zero line and the slow ma crosses above the fast ma and vice versa for sells. It has been tested 100 times as seen on youtube and has a 65% win rate on the 30 minute time frame.
I’ve attached a video to explain how to use it. Under the vuideo is a link to Trading Rush video where he tests the strategy 100 times on 30 minute.


  • MA Period .             Default is 200
  • MA Type .               Default is Exponential
  • MA Price .               Default is Closed Price
  • MACD Fast.             Default is 12
  • MACD Slow .            Default is 26
  • MACD Signal .          Default is 9
  • LookBack.               Default is 200
  • Audible Alerts.        Default is True
  • Email Alerts.            Default is False
  • Push Notifications.   Default is True

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