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How to tell if your broker account has been hacked

How to tell if your broker account has been hacked

May 16, 2022

No access to your account or money missing from your account? Not so simple. The internal rule

Evolution: FAP Turbo Evolution

Evolution: FAP Turbo Evolution

May 16, 2022

Many of you have probably already received promotional letters by e-mail describing all the conce

Forex Derivative 2.0: the good old sliver

Forex Derivative 2.0: the good old sliver

May 16, 2022

It is very strange, but lately we are often asked about Forex Derivative. It seems to be not the

The price channel is the trader’s main tool for analyzing the current market situation. With its help, you can successfully predict the future behavior of the price, but the main factor in making a profit is timely decisions. This is often a problem, because it is simply impossible to constantly look at the monitor.

This indicator builds and updates automatically two trend channels with different periods (fast and slow). Trend determination is carried out using linear regression. It is also possible to use 1 custom channel, which you can build yourself.

The indicator divides the channel into percentage zones. You can specify the zone you are interested in as a percentage. When the price reaches this zone, you will receive a notification.

An interesting feature of this indicator is the receipt of a divergence signal ‚Äď this is when the price is in opposite zones of channels with different periods. This is a strong signal.

The ‚Äúshift‚ÄĚ parameter defines a small forward when building a channel.

The following types of notifications are available: email, push notification, Alert, as well as playback of any sound you choose in wav format. 

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10 December 2021


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