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The Trend Compound indicator uses a combination of three built-in indicators.

To test the indicator, read the information in the “How to test” section below.

  • The indicator is suitable for all users, even for novice traders.
  • The Trend Compound indicator does not redraw.
  • The indicator signals are formed from close to close.
  • The Trend Compound indicator can be used independently, no other indicators are required.

    • where to open a deal
    • when to close it
    • potential number of pips recorded

      • on any instruments, including forex pairs, indices, metals, futures, etc.
      • on any timeframe
      • with any broker

        • Optimization on the chart
        • The ability to record optimization in a file with sorting by broker, timeframe and instrument.
        • Displays the optimization time.
        • Shows possible actions in a separate window and on the price chart.

          • Run it on the graph (s).
          • Adjust the colors.
          • Run the optimization to find the optimal settings.
          • Then follow the arrows.

            • Trend Period: the period of the main trend indicator.
            • Trend Step: the step of following the trend.
            • Range Filter: Channel boundaries for the range filter.
            • Show Optimize Button: enable / disable the display of the optimization button on the chart.
            • WriteOptimizationToFile: enable / disable recording of the optimization file; unique names are used, allowing you to maintain a “library” of all optimizations.

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