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Trend Guru is a convenient indicator for technical analysis and is suitable for binary options trading. All entry points are ideally optimal points at which the movement changes. The entry points should be used as potential market reversal points. The indicator uses color signaling: blue – when changing from descending to ascending, and red-on the contrary, to descending. You can use the indicator when entering the market. The default indicator settings are quite effective most of the time.
Trend Guru determines the range of minimum and maximum price fluctuations, as well as closing prices. As a result, the indicator is known for market volatility. This is a hybrid trend indicator, as it is based on the signals of several internal algorithms. The indicator also uses the oscillator algorithm in the resets. The indicator also calculates the oversold and overbought levels of a trading instrument. Thus, having all the necessary information, the indicator generates signals when the trend changes.
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