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Trend hedge master EA


The logic of the robot is based on opening a deal in the direction of the trend after some consolidation. The adviser also opens additional orders, in case of an imaginary trend change, in the hope that the price will return to the previous direction, and the orders will close sooner.

If the trend has changed, the robot closes unprofitable orders with the help of other open trend orders.

 Trading signal from this Expert Advisor 

 Trading signal from this Expert Advisor 

Default parameters for EURUSD M15. (5 decimal places)

By default, the Expert Advisor can open 5 orders in one direction (10 in total).

This Expert Advisor uses martingale. This Expert Advisor can open orders off-trend. 

If you don’t know what it is, or you don’t like it, please don’t use the Expert Advisor. 

The adviser was not optimized by history. I don’t think it makes any sense. 

Many Expert Advisors show a remarkable result in the history of the tester, but after launching on the real world, they do not repeat this, since the historical situation most often does not repeat itself.

The Expert Advisor provides the ability to work with an order opened manually if it is at a loss. (one order is allowed)

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To do this, run the Expert Advisor on the same symbol as the losing order. Set the magic number value in the settings to the same as the order (for orders opened manually, it is 0).

This Expert Advisor can be used as an addition to your manual trading.


  • Hedging account 
  • For accounts with a balance of less than 3000 thousand characters in the deposit currency, the minimum size of the trading volume is 0.01 lot.
  • 1000 units of the deposit currency of your account (it is possible to use it on accounts with twice the size of the deposit, the risks in this case increase.)

Adviser Parameters:

  • Average grid size (points) – The minimum size of the distance between orders. (The average value, the EA optimizes this parameter itself.)
  • One side maximum orders – The maximum number of orders in one direction.
  • Start lot – the lot for the first order.
  • Maximum lot – the maximum allowable order volume, if the value is reached above, the EA will open an order with this value.
  • Martingale coefficient – the coefficient of increasing the lot volume of the following orders.
  • Take profit multiplication factor – Take profit value, if you want to increase take profit, increase this value. 
  • Spread limit – Limits for opening an order on a spread. 
  • Magic number is a unique number used in the EA’s orders. (Thanks to this, the adviser sees only his orders, do not launch several advisers on the same symbol with the same numbers!)
  • Hour start (MT4 time) – The start hour of the Adviser’s robots (For the first order.)
  • Hour End – The end hour of the Adviser’s robots (If there are no orders in the market.)
  • Command string – Auxiliary setting (Used if necessary after consulting with the author.)

Before buying and installing the Expert Advisor on the account, please review its work in the strategy tester with visualization. 

If you have any problems or doubts about the settings, write your question/request in the discussion section.


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