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tendency Hunter is a tendency index for working on the Forex market. A unique feature of the index is that it goes confidently
behind the trend, without changing the signal when the price slightly pierces the trend . The indicator doesn’t redraw, the signal to enter the
the market appears after the pub closes.

Trend Hunter is a fair indicator. The chart shows the current possible or actual gain (in the event that you entered the market on
the indicator signal), taking into consideration the disperse. In addition, the indicator gives additional signals to enter in the most favorable prices after the price punctures the
trend line.

  • SendAlert-alert
  • SendEmail-sending a notification to an email
  • SendPushNotification-sending push notifications
  • ProfitPointer-enables the display of the current profit of the last signal.
  • ShowHistogam-enabling the display of the histogram
  • DownTrendColor – color of the uptrend line and the buy arrow
  • UpTrendColor – color of the downtrend line and the sell arrow
  • ArrowSize – the size of the arrows

Successful trading with Trend Hunter!

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