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The Expert trades on the signals of the SystZ Trend Lines indicator .

Input parameters:

  • Take in atr, 0 – do not use a take profit – the size of the take profit for ATR (50) calculated on the current timeframe. If the parameter value is 0, it is not used;
  • Stop in atr, 0 – do not use a stop – stop loss size. If the value is 0, it is not used;
  • Risk factor, volume eq Equty*Risk factor/1000 – used to calculate the size of the working lot, which is calculated as Equity*Risk factor/1000. For example, with an Equity value of 10000, Risk factor 0.01, the volume will be equal to 10000*0.01/1000 = 0.1;
  • Volume in lots if Risk factor is 0 – the volume of the working lot. If the Risk factor is set to 0, then a fixed volume will be used;
  • Retrace – the minimum size of the zigzag rollback, by which the second point of the trend line is determined;
  • List of symbols, delimited by ; – a list of traded instruments separated by “;”.

The screenshots show the results of tests on EURUSD, GBPUSD. Testing was performed on the H4 timeframe. The optimization period is 2016-2020. Forward period 01.01.2021 – 01.07.2021.


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