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This indicator is designed to determine trends and suitable moments for opening a position.

It is possible to set a Stop Loss.

Easy to use. It is only necessary to follow the arrows.

  • Shift – the number of bars to shift the indicator to the right.
  • Shift_SL – the number of bars to shift the SL line of the indicator to the right.
  • Aperture – the number of bars used for Aperture
  • Step – the number of pips for trend lines up or down
  • Dinamic – if ‘true’, the step is calculated on each bar
  • Max_Bar – the number of bars used in calculating indicators (with ‘0’, all bars are used in calculations)
  • PriceArrow_On – when ‘true’, the Upper and Lower arrows are drawn.
  • Alert_On – enabling and disabling alerts
  • Signal_On – On or Off Signal
  • Sound_On – enabling and disabling audio signals
  • Triangle_On – enabling and disabling drawing a triangle
  • Triangle_WIDTH – width of the triangle line
  • Triangle_Back – triangle background color
  • Triangle_Color – color of the triangle lines
  • Deviation – the number of pips used for the SL line
  • ExtShortName – the name of the indicator
  • CommentOn – enabling and disabling comments
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