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i-Regression Channel builds a regression channel:

The regression channel consists of two lines equidistant from the top and bottom of the regression trend line. The distance between the channel boundaries and the regression line is equal to the value of the deviation of the maximum closing price from the regression line.

  • degree – degree of regression, value from 1 to 61;
  • kstd – regression channel width;
  • bars – number of bars to calculate the channel;
  • shift – horizontal shift of the channel in bars.


This metric is used by the Quinn-Fernandez algorithm to find harmonic frequencies. The algorithm analyzes the harmonics of the trigonometric series one by one to the specified total number of harmonics N. After setting a new harmonic, the software algorithm calculates the remainder between the updated model and the real values and brings the new harmonic to the remainder.

The indicator has the following input parameters:

  • Npast – number of historical bars for applying trigonometric series;
  • Nfut – number of predicted future bars;
  • Nharm – total number of harmonics in the model;
  • FreqTOL – frequency calculation error.

The indicator plots two curves: the blue curve shows the simulated past values, and the red curve shows the simulated future values.

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The function of sending alerts: an email message, a push notification to the mobile terminal of the MetaTrader 4, a pop-up window in the terminal when the price swings the upper or lower line.

  • SendMailMode: Sending an email message
  • SendNotificationMode: Sending a push notification
  • AlertMode: Popup notification


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