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TrendScanner XTra scans market trends from Multi Symbols and Multi Timeframes with extra additional Entry Point Signals arrow on the current chart.

-Entry Point SIgnals : This is additional feature in the indicator. No repaint arrows. The Trading system in the single indicator. MTF Trend informations and Entry Signals. In order to make it easier for trader to get trading moments from a single chart and  deciding entry time. 

-Changeable Panel Display : Change the value of Max.Symbols/Panel and  the indicator will adjust the dashboard display according to your input

-Clickable Boxes: Click on the boxes to open appropriate Symbol and Timeframe. See image and video

 Hide/Show Dashboard: You can hide/show dashboard on the chart. In case you have some indicators in your chart and want to see them without being hindered by the dashboard then hide it. See button on the top left of the dashboard.

– Changeable color: If your setting ,  BUY color =Blue and SELL color = Red . Then Red color Boxes mean price in the appropriate symbol and timeframe is currently Downtrend and Blue is Uptrend.  Red Arrows means SELL signals and Blue arrows means BUY signals.

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