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this fad Scanner index shows the direction of the trend and its change. The index works on all money
pairs and timeframes. The index displays several indicators on the purchase cost graph at once: resistance and service lines of the currency
pair, existing trend lines, highs and lows of the price, in addition to the current trend direction. The index generates accurate
signals that allow you to open trades on the trend. The blue dots on the chart represent the minimum and maximum prices, the white trend lines
display the support line, the red trend line shows the resistance line yellowish bold line shows the direction
the current trend, the blue dot at the beginning of the yellow line is a guide for installing

StopLoss. When you change the direction of movement of the currency pair, the Alert Buy or Alert tooltip appears
with an indication of the price and the recommended value of the valueStopLoss.

  • TrendDirection – the current direction of the trend
  • drawupdownarrow-displays the highs and lows of the price
  • drawtrendline – display of trend lines
  • trendlineinmemory – the number of trend lines displayed on the chart
  • high_period – maximum value of the trend analyzer period
  • low_period – minimum period value of the trend analyzer
  • trigger_sens-sensitivity of the trend analyzer trigger
  • alert_box-pop-up notification about changes in the direction of price movement
  • send_mail – send notifications to your email address
  • send_notifications-send push notifications to your mobile device
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