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MVRV and NVT indicators - stock analysis of cryptocurrency trends

MVRV and NVT indicators - stock analysis of cryptocurrency trends

August 19, 2022

There is an opinion that technical analysis does not work in cryptocurrencies. Somehow "by the

Comprehensive analysis of the company before buying shares

Comprehensive analysis of the company before buying shares

August 19, 2022

Is it possible to just go and buy shares of Apple or Meta? Or stock CFDs? Theoretically possib

Fundamental analysis of the company

Fundamental analysis of the company

August 19, 2022

In the previous review, a macroeconomic analysis algorithm was briefly considered, which allows

Trend Scraper is:

  • Stop Loss invisible to the broker;
  • Hidden market entry algorithm;
  • Easy setup;
  • Small drawdown;
  • Any tools at the same time;
  • Ultra-fast optimization;
  • Entry in trend reversals;
  • Break-even function.

Easy to set up and use-the key to the success of the new trading system. Just two parameters to configure and optimize!

The task of this robot is to ‚Äúcrack‚ÄĚ the trend in its bud at the beginning of the movement of currency pairs or futures and accompany the open trade in the direction of the trend for as long as possible to get maximum efficiency. After the reversal of the movement, the robot fixes the position and stands in the direction of the new trend.

The Trend Scraper trading system uses a Stop Loss that is invisible to the broker, so it is impossible to ‚Äúknock‚ÄĚ it out of the position. In the robot settings, you can enable ‚Äúsmart Stop Loss‚ÄĚ (it does not depend on the price and the entry point to the market and moves along a given trajectory over time) or the ‚Äúbreakeven‚ÄĚfunction.

The robot can trade any currency pairs, stock indexes,futures, gold, stocks, CFDs, oil and any other instruments simultaneously.

With a slight drawdown, this Expert Advisor can show excellent performance in the standard version with the recommended parameters and the proposed settings for it.


Low drawdown and high result. A profitable trade is obtained from any directional movement (trend) from a 1-minute chart to a 1-month chart. The robot only needs the presence of trends in the traded instrument, and at any time intervals.

Simple algorithm and stable operation. The robot uses a trend reversal system, but you do not need to understand a bunch of parameters ‚ÄĒ all the settings are reduced to just two main parameters (signal lines), which can be optimized for opening prices (very quickly). The main condition for entering a position does not need to be optimized and is encrypted in the robot code (hidden from the broker). The robot has explicit control over the opening of bars ‚Äď which speeds up its optimization and configuration. All other parameters and settings can also be optimized as desired.

To fully use the trading system on an unlimited number of instruments at the same time, do not forget to set a different robot number for each working schedule (the ‚ÄúRobot‚Äôs number‚ÄĚparameter). It is recommended that the Expert Advisor constantly works online, but in the event of a loss of communication or computer failure, it will always see its positions and continue to monitor them (or change the direction of the order or restore closed positions), regardless of the idle period.

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20 October 2014


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exzt March 29, 2021 7:16 am

Hello, everyone,\n\n In short, do not see each other, the robot will not be quite effective,and the programmers have vanished, I discovered them on his or her website, there is already model 1.1,\n\n but here it is not going to be current,\n\n about buying and selling, I drove it on true, on precious metal all purchases are in the reddish, simply speaking, it had been not a large plus only on sp500 and\n\n eur\/jpy, altogether 3% or 15\u20ac per week,\n\n it’s a complete waste of money,\n\n it ought to be created free of charge or pulled from selling altogether


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