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Trend Signal Multi Timeframe mt4


Do you always want to know where the price will go, just by looking at it? Are you tired of constantly switching between timeframes to understand this direction?

Perhaps this indicator is just what you were looking for.

Trend Signal Multitimeframe shows whether the current price is higher or lower than the price of N candles back on different timeframes. It always displays the number of pips by which the current price is higher or lower than the price N candles ago.

  • The number N can be configured
  • The data is displayed in a window that can be moved to any location.
  • The colors are also customizable.
  • You can also choose whether the data should be displayed in the foreground or in the background in relation to the candlesticks of the chart.

  • N: number of candles for analysis
  • panel_starting_position: the position on the screen where the data is initially displayed
  • font_type: font of labels
  • font_color: the color of the main labels
  • background_color: the background color of the displayed data
  • display_data_in background: if false, the data will be displayed on top of the chart candlesticks
  • uptrend_color: the color of labels in an uptrend
  • downtrend_colorlor: the color of labels in a downtrend
  • clear_chart_on_exit: select true to clear the data when the indicator is closed
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