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Top 10 Forex Expert Advisors in the last decade

August 24, 2021

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This Expert Advisor trades according to the trend, using several ways to determine it and enter a trade. For example, it uses trend lines, Gator and Stochastic indicators to analyze the market.  In addition to trading, it can also display trend lines based on which it trades. It has filters for the ADX and MA indicators, as well as a sufficient number of settings to be able to optimize on various currency pairs and timeframes. 

The Expert Advisor sets a stop loss and take profit for each trade, does not have risky trading methods. It is recommended to optimize the settings and use them on timeframes from M5 to H1.

  • Lots ‚Äď lot size (at 0, the lot will be calculated from the percentage of available funds on the account);
  • Percentage of free money ‚Äď percentage of free funds to open each new transaction (works when Lots=0);
  • MaxSpread ‚Äď maximum spread for opening a trade;
  • Slippage ‚Äď slippage (the maximum allowable deviation of the price);
  • Magic is a unique identifier (you need to make it different if several Expert Advisors are running in the same terminal);
  • StopLoss ‚Äď stop loss (for 5-digit accounts, 10 will be equal to 100, you need to specify it as for 4-digit ones);
  • TakeProfit ‚Äď take profit (for 5-digit accounts, 10 will be equal to 100, you need to specify it as for 4-digit ones);
  • CloseDealsBeforeOpen ‚Äď close the previous deal (in the opposite direction) before opening a new one;
  • OpenOrdersDelayBars ‚Äď delay between opening the next trade (the number of bars of the current timeframe that must pass before opening a new deal);
  • StopToParabolicStep ‚Äď parabolic step for trailing stop (0 ‚Äď do not use parabolic trailing);
  • GatorPeriod1 ‚Äď the first period of the Gator indicator (for example, 12);
  • GatorPeriod2 ‚Äď the second period of the Gator indicator (for example, 8);
  • GatorPeriod3 ‚Äď the third period of the Gator indicator (for example, 5);
  • CenterLineEnable ‚Äď enabling and disabling the influence of the central line of the Alligator indicator on trading;
  • StrongAlliatorSignal ‚Äď enabling and disabling the parameter for trading only with the Alligator signal without checking Gator;
  • HistorySearch ‚Äď the number of bars to search for and plot trend lines;
  • Distance ‚Äď the minimum distance from one maximum (or minimum) to another when building lines;
  • Shift ‚Äď shift a few bars back, where a break of the trend line is possible;
  • DrawLines ‚Äď whether or not to draw a trend line on a currency pair chart;
  • CountLinesForSignal ‚Äď the number of trend lines to receive signals;
  • MinSignalPower ‚Äď minimum signal strength for trading when summing signals (1-3);
  • FilterMAPeriod ‚Äď period of MA indicators for filtering (0-off);
  • StochasticLevels ‚Äď Stochastic indicator levels (0-50, 0 ‚Äď do not use);¬†
  • StochasticPeriod ‚Äď period of the Stochastic indicator;
  • StochasticSlowing ‚Äď deceleration of the Stochastic indicator;
  • AdxPeriod ‚Äď the period of the ADX indicator;
  • MinAdxLevel ‚Äď the minimum level of the ADX indicator (for example, 8.5);
  • Trading start hour ‚Äď trading start hour;
  • Trading end hour ‚Äď trading end hour;
  • DealsCommentary ‚Äď comment on the deals being opened;
  • EnableInfo ‚Äď show information;
  • OrdersFilling is a parameter for selecting filling mode (if the EA does not open trades due to incorrect filling, try choosing a different value).

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11 August 2020


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