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Trend Support Resistance Alert


Smart Trend Line Alert is a professional indicator of trend lines, as well as support/resistance lines with an alert function. It is designed to help traders easily manage many charts and symbols without constantly monitoring the monitor.

  • Notification about the breakdown of the candle, about the touch of price lines and time alerts;
  • Turn a newly constructed or any selected line into an alert line with a single click (trend and horizontal lines or trend lines by angle);
  • Alert history, able to re-open closed charts or re-draw deleted alerts for instant viewing;
  • Distinguish between lines of different timeframes by hiding the lines of the lower timeframes on the higher timeframes, so as not to get confused with a large number of lines of different timeframes on the same chart;
  • Automatic timeframe switching when you click on a line on a lower timeframe;
  • Alerts with an expiration time if they don’t work.
  • Automatic conversion of the trend line with a low angle are aligned in a line of support and resistance.
  • Automatic change of the support line to the resistance line and vice versa;
  • Automatic color, name, and line width;
  • Blinking of the line when the mouse button is clicked on it (continues until the user disconnects it by clicking on the graph);
  • Automatic display of the graph on top of all other windows when you click on the line;
  • Continuous audio alert (until disabled by the user);
  • One-time audio alert with a pop-up information window;
  • Notification to your mobile device;
  • E-mail notification;
  • The management console on the chart;
  • Auto-hiding control panel;
  • The button for calling graphs – the graphs of the same symbol will be shown on top of the others, only when the graphs are arranged in a mosaic.

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  • A breakout alert will only be triggered if a candle of the same timeframe on which the alert line is activated closes above or below the line.
  • Example: description of the alert line (Daily Support Break Out Alert). Thus, if the daily candle closed below the line, you will receive an alert.

  • Resistance Color – the color of the resistance levels
  • Support Color – the color of the support levels
  • Time Line Alert Color – the color of the line for time alerts
  • Blinking Alert Line Color – the color of the line for flashing alerts
  • Change Color After Alert Muted to-change the color to the specified color after disabling the alert
  • Price Deviation to Alert (Pips): deviation of the price from the alert line to trigger the alert
  • Alert Line style – the style of the alert line
  • Alert Line width – the thickness of the alert lines
  • Auto Support Resistance Reversal: automatically reverses support and resistance levels after a breakout
  • Hide Alert Lines on Higher Time frame-hide alerts on higher time frames
  • Auto Level Low Angle Trend Lines: Automatically align trend lines with a low angle
  • Max Angle to Level Trend Lines (Degrees): the maximum angle to align the trend lines. If the angle of the trend line is less than the specified value, it will be automatically aligned
  • Auto Switch Time Frame: automatically switches to the corresponding timeframe if the alert is triggered on a different timeframe
  • Auto Chart Bring to Top: automatically switch the chart to the foreground if an alert is triggered on it
  • Clip Same Symbol Charts Together: show the charts of the same symbol on top of the others (the charts of the same symbol should be arranged in a mosaic)
  • Continuously Sound Alert Speed (Milliseconds): The frequency of continuous sound alerts in milliseconds, decrease the value to increase the frequency
  • Auto Hide Menu: Automatically hide the menu if no line is selected.
  • Show Menu Only if a Line was Clicked: show menu only when a line is clicked, disables menu display/hide when hovering
  • Show Objects Description Always – always display object descriptions
  • Show Object Status while a Line is Selected: show the state of an object when a line is selected, disables the status button
  • Description Font Size: the font size of the state
  • For developer use only: this parameter is reserved for developers
  • Custom Sound File Name 1 : Name of the custom sound file 1
  • Custom Sound File Name 2 : Name of the custom sound file 2

  • The indicator is designed with the ability to adjust all parameters according to your requirements. You can enable or disable any functions;
  • Unfortunately, the indicator cannot be tested in the strategy tester, as it uses the tools of the MetaTrader terminal and switching timeframes.
  • For more information, see the screenshots;
  • We are interested in getting users ‘ feedback on our products to improve future versions. Write to us.
  • The version of the indicator for MetaTrader 4 is available here: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/3085


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