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Experienced traders know that the accuracy of most indicators leaves much to be desired.

Trend_h1” is a trend indicator for entering the
the market when trading on the main currency pairs on the timeframe

H1. The main advantage of the indicator is the increased,
compared to traditional indicators,

the accuracy of detecting the active trend area (up to 72%). Therefore, the indicator signals can be
used to enter the market without additional filtering. The absence of any settings is an additional advantage,
since errors related to subjective user settings are completely excluded.

 All this is achieved through the use of new analytical methods based on the theory of
impulse equilibrium.


The recommended scale is the hourly timeframe H1.

Recommended financial instruments – major currency pairs (EURUSD,



In principle, the indicator works on any other financial instruments and timeframes, while the results can
be somewhat lower.

The indicator signal is the appearance of a colored ring on the chart. The signal appears strictly at the end of the current

the selected timeframe (at the moment and at the Close price level), which eliminates the possibility of flickering of the ring
and guarantees the unambiguity of the signal.

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The number of signals on one financial instrument is small. And this is normal for such a complex, non-stationary process
(this is exactly the process of price movement). As the classic said – less is better, but better. In addition, you can install the indicator
on several currency pairs at once, which will almost proportionally increase the number of signals.

How to use

Set the indicator to the H 1 chart
the financial instrument of your choice (separately for each chart). For complex trading, set the indicator separately to
charts of the main currency pairs.

Indicator signals:

red ring – forecast of a local uptrend (as well as the appearance of unfavorable conditions for the entry of Sell),

the blue ring is a forecast of a local downtrend (as well as the
appearance of unfavorable conditions for the Buy entry).


The indicator does not require any settings, since it is used
a special algorithm that automatically takes into account changes in price dynamics, regardless of the financial instrument. This saves
the trader valuable time.


The indicator signals are especially effective on the main currency pairs and the H timeframe1.
This must be taken into account when using signals. Make sure of the effectiveness of the indicator – the screenshots (below) show the signals of
this indicator – specially

on various financial instruments and timeframes. 


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