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EA with a solid strategy that applies constantly updated mechanical rules for day trading therefore excellent for all types of spreads.

This EA works completely automatic, open trades, monitor and update trades and close trades 24/5.

I will give you the optimized parameters with which I have obtained backtests with a profit of 170% and a medium maximal drawdown of 5,15% (2% risk per trade) in the last 12 months, but you can tweak these parameters and get even better results than mine!


This strategy is mainly based on technical analysis an has:

  • A function that automatically calculates the stop loss depending on the market movement and volatility;
  • A function that creates entry signals based on crossover moving average;
  • A function that check the volume of the market and understands if the volume of the market is high enough to enter a new trade;
  • A secret indicator confirming the entry signal;
  • A function that calculates take profits according to the market movement and volatility.


  • Use of automatic lot calculation;
  • Fixed lots;
  • Use of automatic stop loss calculation;
  • Manual pips for stop loss;
  • Use of automatic take profit calculation;
  • Manual pips for take profits;
  • Propriety for entry signal indicator;
  • Propriety for volume indicator;
  • Propriety for stop loss indicator;
  • First TP risk in percentage;
  • Second TP risk in percentage;
  • Third TP risk in percentage.

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The most important thing in Forex is the Risk Management, that’s why my expert advisor has a strong risk and capital management in order to maximize profits and minimize losses. Minimum account balance recommended: 200$


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