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TSO Stochastic RSI MT5


Stochastic RSI calculates the stochastic on the RSI indicator. The Relative Strength Index (RSI), developed by J. R. R. Tolkien. Wells Wilder, is a well-known pulse oscillator that measures the speed and change of price movement.

  • Finds overbought and oversold situations.
  • Sound alert when the overbought/oversold level is reached.
  • Receive notifications via email and / or to your mobile device when a signal is detected.
  • The indicator does not redraw.
  • Returns the buffer values for %K and %D to be used as part of the Expert Advisor. (See below)

  • You should consider selling when the price rises above the upper limit.
  • You should consider buying when the price falls below the lower limit.

  • RSI Period: The RSI period, default is 14
  • %K period: line period %K, default is 8
  • %K Smoothing Period: The smoothing period of the %K line, with a value of 1, the default %K line calculation is used. Set a higher value so that the %K line is smoothed by the X-period simple Moving Average (SMA). This parameter also affects the %D line, since it represents the SMA from the %K line.
  • %D period: line period %D, default is 5

The indicator can be easily used in the Expert Advisor.

  • The buffer value %D = 0
  • Buffer value %K = 1
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