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Two Period RSI Alerts


Two period RSI alarms compares long – term and short term RSI lines and colors this
area between them to get better visualization. the color depends on the tendency –
uptrend (short term RSI is greater compared to long-term) or downtrend (short-term RSI is lower than long-term).
The intersection of the RSI lines is a solid confirmation signal.

This is a small tool for visualizing and confirming RSI tendencies. We hope it’ll be useful to you!

For the occasions listed below, audio alerts are supplied, as well as alerts in the form of messages and emails. In the latter case, you need to first configure the recipient’s email address and SMTP in the settings of MetaTrader 4.

  • Crossing the RSI lines
  • The RSI is below the custom buy level (default is 30)
  • The RSI is above the custom sell level (default is 70)

  • Short period (Default=14): The number of bars to calculate the short-term RSI
  • Long period (Default=50): The number of bars to calculate the long-term RSI
  • Turn on/off all alerts: enable / disable alerts
  • Alert when RSI short crosses RSI long: enable alerts when RSI lines cross
  • Alert when RSI crosses buy threshold: enable alert if short-term RSI is lower than Alert buy threshold
  • Alert buy threshold (Default=30): Buy level alert
  • Alert when RSI crosses sell threshold: enable alert if short-term RSI is higher than Alert sell threshold
  • Alert sell threshold (Default=70): sell level alert
  • Turn on alerts message: alert as a message
  • Turn on alerts sound: sound alert
  • Turn on alerts email: alert by email
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