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both stage RSI Alerts index consists of brief-term and extended-term RSI lines, between which that the index adds a load for improved visualization. The fill colour depends upon whether the trend is upward (RSI using a brief period over the long RSI) or down (RSI using a short period below the long RSI). Crossing the RSI using a short period of the long RSI gives a stronger trend confirmation signal compared to using the RSI with a single period.

This instrument helps you visualize and confirm the trend in the RSI. I hope you like it.

For the following events, you can enable or disable email alerts, messages, and sound alerts. Please note that before using email alerts, you must specify the email recipient and SMTP data in the settings of MetaTrader 5.

  • The short-period RSI crosses the long-period RSI
  • The RSI is below the user-selected buy threshold (default=30)
  • The RSI is above the user-selected sell threshold (default=70)

  • Short period (default=14): the number of bars used to calculate the short RSI period
  • Long period (default=50): the number of bars used to calculate the long RSI period
  • Turn on/off all alerts: True = allow alerts, false = deny
  • Alert when RSI short crosses RSI long: if true, alert when the short RSI crosses the long RSI
  • Alert when RSI crosses buy threshold: If set to true, alert if the short RSI is below the “Alert buy threshold” value”
  • Alert buy threshold (default=30): value of the “buy” threshold for alerts
  • Alert when RSI crosses sell threshold: if set to true, notify if the short RSI is above the “Alert sell threshold” value”
  • Alert sell threshold (default=70): value of the “sell” threshold for alerts
  • Turn on alerts message: notification in a pop-up window
  • Turn on alerts sound: sound notification
  • Turn on email alerts: notification via email

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26 April 2017


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