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Ultimate Fibonacci Trader


Ultimate Fibonacci  has the most advanced and full-featured Fibonacci charting and trading software on the market.

Whether you’re an analyst looking for a Fibonacci charting platform for Fibonacci Ratio analysis, or a trader looking for an advanced Fibonacci trading tool, Ultimate Fibonacci has what you need.

Ultimate Fibonacci measures and calculates the Fibonacci projections and retracement levels for you, as well as Price projections (like Wave 2 vs. 1 or Wave 4 vs. 2) when using Fib ratios with Elliott Wave. You can also customize the Fibonacci ratios and levels.

  • Fast, beautiful charts that are user-friendly, extremely flexible and customizable
  • Fibonacci Retracement, Extension, Expansion (in all of our editions)
  • Fibonacci Box, Fibonacci Grid, Fibonacci Bars
  • Ratio, Price Range, Ratio Timeline, Number Timeline
  • Custom Ratios and Formatting
  • Combine Fibonacci Ratio Analysis with Elliott Wave Analysis to pinpoint entry and exit points
  • Built for multiple monitors
  • Highly customizable chart and trading preferences in an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.
  • Plus all of the trading functionality you’d expect in an advanced professional charting and trading tool.

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