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Ultimate Simple 2 is a fully automated trading system. The trading robot works on any currency pairs and on any
timeframe. The robot’s operation is based on the principle of divergence(against the main trend).

The EA only opens pending orders. The Expert Advisor combines both the martingale
and the grid only a more advanced version, namely, the total number of transactions is limited by the level of free margin.

The volume of market entry and risks are tightly controlled based on algorithms. The number of transactions is limited by the free margin level
in percent, which by default is 1500% (in the input parameters level = 1500.00). The volume of entry into the market depends on the amount of free
funds in the account, and if there are no transactions, then on the account balance. The volume of the transaction also depends on the level of risks specified in the input parameters.
(The default MaximumRisk is 0.0005, meaning the volume is calculated so that if a trade goes to a loss, the maximum loss from one
trade is 0.05% of the account balance.

All input parameters in the Expert Advisor are set for accounts with 4 decimal places, but these parameters are also suitable for accounts with 5
decimal places, that is, the recalculation is performed automatically. For example: TakeProfit = 150, that is, for accounts with 4 decimal places
, the TP level = 150 points, and for accounts with 5 decimal places, the TP level = 1500 points.

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The main closing of transactions is carried out by closing all current transactions when the profit from all transactions on the account is
equal to the “Profit” parameter. By default, Profit=100, that is, if the total profit is greater than or equal to 100 in the account currency, then all
transactions are closed.

Additional closing of transactions is carried out  both by the level of TakeProfit, and by various internal
algorithms. When a trade is closed by algorithms, half of the trade volume is closed, and the rest is transferred to breakeven.


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