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Ultimatum Breakout MT5


Ultimatum Breakout – this trading system uses a strategy of valid breakouts, using several custom indicators to filter out low-quality signals.

The Expert Advisor uses a small stop loss, which means that the account is always protected from drawdowns, and the risk per trade is very low.

The Expert Advisor is fully adapted: it takes into account the spread — for pending orders, stop loss, trailing stop, breakeven.

  • No martingale.
  • Without arbitration.
  • No other risky strategies.
  • Without scalping.


The Expert Advisor is optimized only for the EURUSD H1 pair.

Version for Meta Trader 4: 


The Expert Advisor is optimized only for the EURUSD H1 pair.

Version for Meta Trader 4: 

  • Show_Info_Panel — Information panel. ( if set to false, it speeds up testing in the strategy tester).
  • Magic — Transaction ID.
  • Order_Comment — Comments on the order.
  • Slippage — Acceptable slippage before the order is triggered.
  • Max_Spread — The maximum allowed spread before triggering a pending order.
  • Adaptive_Spread_for_trade — If true, it adds the spread to the trailing stop and stop loss.
  • Order_Type — Choosing the direction of trade.
  • Fixed_Lot — The lot is constant ( if “Use_Risk_MM” = false).
  • Use_Risk_MM — If true, the lot size increases when the account balance increases.(Risk management).
  • Percentage_Risk — Increasing the lot size based on the balance (risk management in %).
  • Take_Profit — Take profit in points.
  • Stop_Loss — Stop loss in points.
  • Use_Smart_StopLoss— If true, the stop loss is adjusted according to the price movement.
  • Smart_StopLoss-Smart stop loss step.
  • Use_Break_Even — If true, the stop loss price moves to breakeven if the price is higher than the target points.
  • Breakeven_Target_PipsInp — If the price exceeds this value, breakeven is triggered.
  • Breakeven_Jump_PipsInp — The stop loss moves to breakeven by this value.
  • Use_Trailing — If true, the profit is protected by a trailing stop.
  • Set Trailing Mod – 7 modifications of the trailing stop.
    • Trailing_modification_1-modification 1.
    • Trailing_modification_7-modification 7.
  • Trailing_Stop — Trailing points when the position is in profit.
  • Trailing_Step — The trailing step when the position is in profit.

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  • Trailing_modification_1-modification 1.
  • Trailing_modification_7-modification 7.

Intra-week trading:

  • Monday – Monday;
  • Friday – Friday.

Trading by time within a day:

  • Use time — If true, the trade is timed.
  • GMT_mode = Mode for determining the offset of the broker’s server time relative to GMT. ( 0 – unused).
  • Every_Day_Start — Start time (hh: mm).
  • Every_Day_End — End time (hh: mm).

Shutdown time on Friday:

  • Use time — If true, the trade is timed.
  • Disable_in_Friday — Closing time on Friday (hh: mm).


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