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Universal Separate Window Free MT5


Not everyone can write an indicator by themselves. But anyone can have an idea. The Universal Separate Window Free MT5 indicator will help you to implement it yourself, taking as an input parameter the formula by which the indicator line will be drawn. This indicator is intended for use in an additional chart window.

All indicators of the Universal series:

In the main windowIn the additional window
Free of charge
MT4 Universal Main Window Free
MT5 Universal Main Window Free MT5
MT4 Universal Separate Window Free
MT5 Universal Separate Window Free MT5
Full names
MT4 Universal Main Window
MT5 Universal Main Window MT5
MT4 Universal Separate Window
MT5 Universal Separate Window MT5

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Unlike function names, wildcard names Expression1 – Expression6 do not allow case changes.

The indicator checks the correctness of the entered formula and the number of arguments in the functions. If an error is found in the formula, the corresponding entry appears in the expert log, and initialization fails with an error.

If an arithmetic error occurs during the calculation (division by zero, square root of a negative number) , or an attempt is made to request price data or standard indicators outside the chart, or incorrect arguments are entered into the standard indicator value request function, the indicator shows no value at this point.

The case of the characters in the function names does not matter. The number of spaces in the formula does not matter.

The integer and fractional parts in numbers are separated by a dot, and the arguments of functions are separated by commas.

Only parentheses are supported.

Only parentheses are supported.

100 * rsi(14, 0, 0)
max(rsi(14, 0, 0), rsi(14, 0, 1), rsi(14, 0, 2))
Expression1 / Expression2


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