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IMPORTANT: THE PRODUCT IS UPGRADED at 17/03 for lower DD and more profit

IMPORTANT: THE PRODUCT IS UPGRADED at 17/03 for lower DD and more profit


That means some day may be risky.For coping with such situations there is

  • Stop Loss input,
  • Close trades input when equity reaches a point that you will set and
  • ALSO there is an input that AFTER A SPECIFIC lot that the position will have ,the EA can change the distance for the next trades.

  • The EA is also enhanced with a special algorithm of tp and overlapping that helps the EA deals with difficult situations that may caused by continuously trading.


  • there is a button that can PAUSE the EA.


  • 1H Timeframe .
  • 1500$ balance.The more the BETTER!
  • Different Magic numbers for different charts.
  • It works on any pair except GOLD!


  • Starting lot:The starting lot.
  • Multiplier Martingale/SET TO 1 FOR FLAT LOT SIZE

[spoiler title=”

  • Stop loss:Stop loss in pips.
  • Distance in pips:The minimum distance between trades.
  • Max Sells:The max sells.
  • Max Buys:The max buys.
  • First position TP IN PIPS:The take profit in pips for the first position.
  • Min TP in money FOR MORE THAN 1 position:The minimum (in SUM) take profit in money for more than on position.

  • Break Lot size:AFTER the EA reaches that size the distance between trades MUST CHANGE.
  • NEW distance AFTER BREAKLOT:the new distance between positions
  • Close all when loss is greater than x percent of equity:Close all positions at once when the equity reaches the x% you will set.


(Buyers of Previous EA Drawdown master can contact me for having the EA for FREE )


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