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Url HTML and XML to CSV Mt5 Demo


The html and xml to csv URL utility is designed to get html or xml format content from URLs and to load it into a txt or csv format output file.

It allows you to receive entire web pages, starting with the http protocol, in the form of a document for further use in the mobile application or in the MetaTrader terminal.

This is useful for getting the most benefit from the data on events and economic calendars, as well as publications related to the tools available on the trading terminal.

In this demo version, two economic calendars are available for download, the html pages of the forex factory and trading economics calendars.

The utility quickly retrieves the contents of sites with XML-encoded tags and saves them in the data directory of the MetaTrader terminal. The utility will load only xml-encoded languages, additional languages on the web page will not be loaded to ensure the performance of some applications and for security reasons.

But all html tags will be included in the output formats of documents available after loading.

Enter a URL starting with http or https in the url parameter, then select the txt or csv format for the output files. The documents will be downloaded from the specified website and will be available in the “File” folder of the terminal. The system can be reused several times, on any timeframe and with any available tool.

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The work of the html and xml to csv URL utility is shown in the video. It allows you to save documents in a file with the name “webpage.txt” or “webpage.csv” in the MetaTrader data directory.

It works with all URLs that support xml encoding of tags on websites. The utility can be run on the chart of any instrument, it will not interfere with the work of existing Expert Advisors or indicators.

  • Economic_Calendar_Url: URL of an html or xml page with the http or https prefix
  • FILE_FORMAT: output file format, txt or csv


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