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Veles Helper TP SL Breakeven TrStop with Magic


The Expert Advisor-assistant, works on any currency pair, is designed for automatic installation of TakeProfit and StopLoss for any manual order or for orders with a specified number of Magic pre-set in the parameters, it is also designed for automatic tracking of orders by transferring them to breakeven when a certain profit is reached, plus automatic TrailingStop with a transfer step of StopLoss.

All 3 assistant modules are independent, can work separately or all together.

  • TakeProfit – in pips, for example 500, this is 50 points for a terminal with 5-digit quotes. If set to 0, TakeProfit will not be set.
  • StopLoss-in pips, for example, 150, this is 15 points for a terminal with 5-digit quotes. If set to 0, thenStopLoss will not be installed.
  • It is importantif the order has its ownStopLoss or TakeProfit, then the new values will not be set, you can change them directly on the chart with the mouse.
  • PipsforProfitforBreakeven – the number of pips in plus that you need to pass the price to transferStopLoss to breakeven, if 0, the function is disabled.
  • PipsforBreakeven – the number of pips of the breakeven itself, it is necessary to take into account the commission (if any) when opening orders, for example, when opening 1 lot of the instrument, a commission equal to $ 7 is charged and it is equal to 7 pips, in this case, if you set this parameter to 8, then when triggeredStopLoss will remain a profit of 1 pips.
  • PipsforProfitforTral – the number of pips in plus that must be passed to enable TrailingStop, if 0, the function is disabled.
  • TrailingStop – the amount in pips to transferStopLoss by this amount from the current price, when reaching PipsforProfitforTral. If PipsforProfitforTral or TrailingStop are set to 0, the function does not work.
  • StepforTral – change step in pips for TrailingStop.
  • Magic – the number of identification orders, for manual orders, you must set 0. When setting a certain value for this parameter, the assistant will only accompany orders with this number, for example, from some expert Advisor or opened using a script with the Magic number.

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The drawings consistently show the work of the assistant.

Opening an order and installing TakeProfit andStopLoss.

Transfer of the order to breakeven.

TrailingStop operation and order closing byStopLoss.


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