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The EA opens orders at the beginning of the european and american sessions. is conducted using a predetermined Stop Loss, take Profit and doesn’t use a grid, averaging, martingale, arbitrage. The Expert Advisor is designed to work on the EURUSD currency pair, the timeframe does not matter.


  • All transactions are protected by stop loss
  • The EA is not sensitive to the disperse or agent.
  • Dangerous money management procedures (grid, averaging, martingale, arbitrage) are not used.
  • The Expert Advisor is very easy to set up and use and does not require optimization
  • Trading can be carried out with a deposit of $ 100 or more.
  • Magic – unique ID of the EA’s orders;
  • Trade Direction-allowed long and / or short trading direction;
  • Lot type – lot type, fixed or percentage of the balance;
  • Lot size – lot size;
  • StopLoss, recommended value: 400 – stoploss size in pips;
  • TakeProfit, recommended value: 19 – the size of the takeprofit in pips;

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