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Virtual pending buy stop order


The script is used to automate the placement of pending Buy Stop Orders, stop losses and take profits at the levels set by the trader.

The set goals are solved in the following way. The script does not actually place a pending purchase order. It enters the market order after the Bid-quote reaches the level set by the trader. Thus, the broker can expand the spread as much as necessary. You will be safe and will enter a long position at a real breakdown of an important level. In addition, the script has a “tracking” stop loss, which will close a losing position not at the time of the “puncture” of the specified level, but only after the price closes below the STOPLOSS level. Take profit is set not virtually, but actually.

  • Lot size – lot size, default 0.1;
  • Price deviation – price deviation, default is 10;
  • Trigger level in price chart units – the trigger level of a virtual” waiting ” buy-stop order in units of the price chart. Default is 1.10;
  • Stop Loss in price chart units – stop loss level in price chart units. Default is 1.00;
  • Take Profit in price chart units – take profit in price chart units. Default is 1.30;
  • Restriction on setting a stop after restart-prohibits setting a stop after a restart (allows you to set / change the stop loss after entering a position). By default, false.

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The specified entry levels, stop loss and take profit levels are marked on the chart with lines of different colors.


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