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This weapon has a convenient performance – virtual Stop loss and Take Profit amounts. tracking is presentStop Loss.

  • fixed Stop Loss – fixed Stop Loss
  • Trailing Stop Loss – a classic” trailing ” Stop Loss.
  • Trailing to breakeven – Trailing Stop Loss to the breakeven price (before the trade opening price).
  • Trailing by jumps – Trailing by “jumps”. When the profit on the position in pips becomes equal to the value of TRSL_1, the Stop Loss level is set at the position opening price (breakeven). If the Stop Loss is in “breakeven” and the distance from the current price to the opening price becomes equal to TRSL_2, the Stop Loss order is set at a distance from the opening price in such a way as to fix the profit in pips equal to the value of TRSL_3. This version of Trailing ‘ a Stop Loss is very effectiveand has been tested on different strategies. The algorithm is clearly shown in the screenshot below.

The MT4 version:


After changing the settings with the panel turned on, you need to click the “RESET” button .”

After changing the settings with the panel turned on, you need to click the “RESET” button .”

If enabled virtual Sl/TP and for some reason lost communication terminal and the broker (breaking the Internet; the broker is not responsible or something else), then closing trades when the levels will not perform

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20 February 2017


14 September 2020

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Javier Angel Labandeira Garcia February 5, 2021 10:38 am

I assessed this EA just with parameter”Only SL” and TP, I don¬īt need other functions by now.

It functions very well in my hedge accounts, guide or using an EA, for All orders or just for Magic number (1 or 2 magics openig Virtual_SL_EA in more graphs).

It has a fantastic price and works, autor has been quite helpful fixing some bug, and much like EAs that I checked were expensive and had errors.

So, 5 stars for Virtual SL/TP is your correct.

The sole real missed thing is a full functional presentation just for 1 symbol(CADJPY or other minor), so we were able of checking its functions prior to buying it.