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The script automatically draws flags of two colors after launching – blue and red. The principle of operation is simple: a blue flag is expected to increase the financial instrument, a red flag is expected to fall. It is comfortable to work on the M1 timeframe. Each flag shows the time in the vicinity of which a particular movement should occur (the approximate input error is -3 min). The script can be used for binary options trading.

Additional instructions:

? The file for the new week ahead for the script to work can be downloaded on our website in the archive every Sunday.

? To understand the system of entering a transaction, you need to observe or train on a demo account for at least a week.

? We enter the trade at the time specified in the signal. We take into account the spread independently.

входа The accuracy of the entry can be adjusted by your trading system. For beginners, you can use the camarilla level indicator.

Уз A narrow flat shifts the signal response time.

? After a strong price movement, as a rule, the stated time of entering the transaction in the same direction does not work.

? The average profitability of trading signals is 90% if the rules are followed.  Take into account the risks, so that 10% on such days do not put you in an awkward position.

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In the screenshots, you can observe the operation of Bitcoin timings on July 26, 2021. The screenshots were taken before the script was published in real time, as can be seen in the photos. In the provided video, you can quickly understand the essence of working with trading recommendations. In the script  VistScalp5 is only a small part of the capabilities of the author’s system for several tools. The whole system is based on mathematics, physics and using neurotechnologies. 

Every Sunday, new trading signals for some instruments will be provided. As a rule, there are five of them.  For you, this is an additional tool for making a decision. Observe the risks and the profit will not keep you waiting.



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