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Volatility indicator no lagging


A cardinal modification of the ATR indicator, beloved by many, in which all its shortcomings are corrected (the picture shows the difference with ATR). The indicator shows the scope of the current market movement. 


  • has no time window period, i.e. any subjective settings
  • non-lagging, the extremes of the indicator always coincide with the extreme of the price (pay attention to the picture)
  • it is normalized by means of a color scheme, i.e. it has the properties of an oscillator, while showing absolute values that correlate with the price
  • it works on any instruments (stocks, futures, currencies, crypto) and on any TF

Use cases:


  • White is the lowest level of volatility
  • Gradient (configurable) – volatility growth from low to high
  • Red is the highest level of volatility

The MaxQuantsNum settings item is responsible for the number of candles on which the indicator will be displayed.

You can enable alerts to reach low and high volatility areas.

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