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This indicator is able to determine the price levels at which there was the most volume for the specified period of history. In the future,when the price bounces off such levels, and this can be successfully applied in trading. They are displayed as lines, some parameters for determining the levels can be configured. This indicator is an improved version of Volume Levels, it reports a notification (alert) when the price rebounds from the level, and can also report when the level is touched. In addition, this indicator has more settings for better level search on all currency pairs and timeframes.

  • HistoryBars – the number of bars to determine the near volume levels;
  • Range – the maximum distance to determine the levels (must be significantly greater than the minimum distance of the opposite levels);
  • MinDistOfOppositeLevels – the minimum distance of opposite levels (the larger it is, the farther the levels will be from each other, but they will be harder to find (for small typhrems, it is recommended from 20 to 100, for large ones – above 100);
  • HistoryBarsLevels2 – the number of bars to determine the distant volume levels;
  • MinDistanceLevels2 – the minimum distance from the near level to the far one;
  • RedrawTime – time to redraw the levels;
  • LevelsDeterminationStep-the step of determining the levels (the smaller the step, the higher the accuracy, but the calculation of levels can take longer);
  • AutoAdjustParameters-automatic adjustment of some parameters for different currency pairs and timeframes;
  • ClosedBarSignalOnly-receive a signal for alerts only when the bar is closed (otherwise, the signals will be before closing, and they may not be accurate);
  • EnableReboundAlert-activate receiving alerts when the price rebounds from the level (when the price first passed the level, but then returned);
  • EnableTouchAlert-activate receiving alerts when the price touches the level, or passed close to it;
  • TimeframeFindLevelsspecifies the timeframe from which the levels will be read; to draw only the levels of the current timeframe, select the current timeframe;
  • BarsForMinVolume – the number of the last bars to determine the minimum volume for calculating levels (1-50);
  • PeriodMA – the period of the Moving Average indicator to determine the center of the levels (1-100), thelonger the PeriodMA, the slower the levels will react to changes in the current price);
  • ColorLow – the color of the lower levels;
  • ColorHigh – the color of the upper levels.

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