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VolumeFlow is a Volume Accumulation / Distribution tracking indicator. It works in a similar way to OBV, but it is much more refined and includes the
options to use:

  • Classical Approach = OBV;
  • Useful Volume Approach;
  • Gail Mercer’s approach;
  • Input Parameters:

Input Parameters:

  • Approach Type: Explained above;
  • Volume Type: Real or Ticks;



  • The TOPs or BOTTONS left by the indicator are good Trade Location points. This is because the players who were “stuck” in these regions
    will have to stop their operations. See examples in the photo below;
  • In a similar way, you will be able to see if from the point left if we have a continuity of the trend left;
  • Divergences can also be observed. If the indicator goes up / down faster than prices, stay tuned! It is the ideal trade moment;
  • This is an indicator of Accumulation / Distribution, but you must analyze and understand whether from that point we will have a reversal
    or continuity of the trend. Therefore, we recommend the combined use of indicators such as VolumeCapacitor, VWAP Bands, WillSpread
    and EchoCardiogram for the purpose of confirming the operation.

Have Good Deals!

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