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The VR ATR guru index is a powerful professional tool for ascertaining target amounts on a financial instrument. The effectiveness of the index has been proven by thousands of tests on actual and demonstration accounts. VR ATR Pro is an indicator that works on actual data using live actual data.

statistics is a stubborn matter, using real statistics from mathematical calculations allows you to calculate the exact target levels for a financial instrument.

Join the discussion in the group @telegram news of updates and developments @telegram

Join the discussion in the group @telegram news of updates and developments @telegram

The indicator has a number of advantages, are just a few of them:

  • High accuracy of the indicator.
  • In the calculations, you can exclude the paranormal bar
  • Easy display of target levels directly on the chart.
  • It works with any financial instruments (Forex, Metals, CFDs, Futures, Crypto).
  • It is not redrawn, it constantly saves its readings.
  • It is effective for determining the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.
  • Availability of notifications on your smartphone, e-mail and alert in MetaTrader.
  • The versions for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are exactly the same.
  • Easy to set up and install.
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced traders.
  • Works on all periods and time frames.

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  • The indicator calculation period should be less than the indicator timeframe. 
  • Use the calculation of the accuracy of readings in the settings for new financial instruments.
  • Use the indicator to calculate levels on daily periods or periods larger than the daily one.
  • Use the indicator in conjunction with your trading system.
  • Put Take Profit inside the levels, and Stop Loss outside the levels.
  • Use a calculation period greater than 10 to get the most accurate results.
  • It is better to avoid trading if the price has reached the level calculated by the indicator.

The algorithm of the indicator is based on the mathematical calculation of the average price movement for a specified period of time. The indicator for periods “detects” and remembers the number of points passed during the period. The indicator, using a mathematical formula calculates the average price levels for the forecast on the growth rates and forecast a fall in prices.

Thanks to this use of real data, the indicator does not redraw and shows high accuracy.

The indicator can be compared to the current charge in the battery of your phone. You know that on average, your phone loses charge in 12-16 hours of use. Similarly, the VR ATR Pro indicator calculates the level, if the day before yesterday the price passed 50 points, yesterday the price passed 60 points, today 55, then tomorrow the probability that the price will pass an average of 55 points is almost 99%.

  • The upper level is the predicted level of the price move to the top
  • The lower level is the predicted level of the price move to the bottom

Levels can be displayed as areas with a deviation from the exact level. This allows you to calculate prices in the range of statistical deviation.

The program does not show signals to buy or sell a financial instrument. The VR ATR Pro indicator calculates the target levels that the price is aiming for, the levels for which the price has enough strength and energy to reach. These levels can be used to set Stop Loss and Take Profit values.

To calculate the accuracy of the indicator, it is advisable to calculate the principle of how many times in history the price reached the levels calculated by the indicator. This is how we know the accuracy of the indicator.

Conditions for calculating the accuracy of the VR ATR Pro indicator readings

EUR / USD Accuracy of readings 88%
GBP / USD Reading accuracy 78%
BTC / USD Reading accuracy 75%

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? VR ATR Pro MT5
? VR ATR Pro MT5 Demo
? VR ATR Pro
? VR ATR Pro Demo


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