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VR System is not just an indicator, it is a whole, well-balanced trading system that includes combined
simple Moving Average indicators and the Donchian channel. The system is based on the classic trading rules. The VR System trading system
takes into account the rules for entering the market, holding a position in the market, and the rules for exiting a position. Simple trading rules, minimal risks, and clear
instructions make VR System an attractive trading strategy for traders in the financial markets.


  • The strategy is simple and easy to understand.
  • Suitable for novice traders.
  • The strategy works on any financial instruments, Forex, Crypto, CFD, Metalls.
  • Clear rules at the moment of entering the market, the moment of holding the position and the moment of exiting the market.
  • Strategy tools developed for MetaTrader 4
    and MetaTrader 5.
  • The strategy tool can inform the trader on a smartphone or directly on the chart.

The trading system consists of two combined indicators, the Moving Average and the Donchian channel.

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The Donchian channel is designed to determine the current state of a financial instrument, the indicator is built according to the
classical rules for determining the trend or flat.

  • A new local high is higher than the previous one, a new local low is higher than the previous one, and it is considered that on a financial instrument
    “Growing trend”.
  • A new local high is lower than the previous one, a new local low is lower than the previous one, and it is considered that on a financial instrument
  • If we cannot apply any of the above rules to the current trend, it is considered that on a financial instrument
    uncertainty or flat. 

Moving Average – the moving average, designed to determine the entry point to the market. The indicator uses three moving
averages with different periods.

  • Slow moving average-shows the direction to enter the market.
  • Moving Average-confirms the current trend on the financial instrument.
  • Fast Moving Average-shows the entry point together with the current closed bar. 

Trading recommendations

Purchase of a financial instrument:

3-The last candle on the timeframe closed with an increase, while the minimum of the last candle is below the fast moving average.

Holding a position:

For an open position, stop loss, take profit and trailing stop are applied:

1-Take profit is placed below the upper line of the Donchian channel.
2-Stop loss is placed below the bottom line
the Donchian Canal.
3-The trailing stop is set to the size of the third part of the channel.

Closing a position:

1 – By trailing stop.
2 – If the position volume is greater than the minimum lot, it is possible to close part of the position, and the rest
transfer without loss.
3-By the reverse signal of the trading strategy.

The rules for sales are the opposite of the rules for purchases.

General recommendations.

  • Start analyzing a financial instrument from the higher timeframes of 4 hours, 1 Day.
  • Always put a Stop Loss and Take Profit, protect your position by any method, the main thing is not to receive losses more than 1-2% of the deposit.
  • Let the profit grow, use partial closing of the position, transfer the remaining balance to no loss and leave it for a long time.
  • Work with several financial instruments, so you will get more signals for trading.
  • Strictly follow the basic rules of the trading strategy.

 Buying a VR System You will get an indicator combined from the Moving Average and a Donchian channel for trading on the described
trading strategy.


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