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VTrende-MTF index for fad trading using display panel for MT5

!!! – thorough description in Russian under the video (on Youtube) – !!!

although the signs of the VTrende index can be used as signs of a fullfledged trading system,
it’s suggested to use them in conjunction with the Bill Williams automobile.

The main task of the index is
to determine the points of change in the management of the tendency.

The indicator signal arises in two variations:

The indicator shows two types of signals:

  • Basic – F1/F2
  • Correction signals – C (filtered and unfiltered)

Types of signals

  • The F1 signal-a signal of long-term trends, as a rule, determines the impulse movement, which will develop smoothly, gradually gaining strength and speed, forming impulse waves
  • The F2 signal is a signal of rapid / explosive movements and sharp impulses (shots), which can quickly end, forming an Angulation.
  • The C – filtered signal is a corrective movement signal that appears when the price follows the Alligator.
  • The C signal is unfiltered, it is a correction movement signal that appears against the direction of the Alligator.

The strongest F1/F2 signals will appear after:

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Calculation of waves and Wave markup

  • By default, for the F1/2 signal, the indicator uses a signal level line with a duration of 140 candles, which allows you to see the time and level of the signal action, as well as the time of the signal action in relation to a certain part of the wave cycle.
  • In some cases, the indicator allows you to accurately determine the beginning of a five-wave cycle, forming a sequence of 3 signals F1/F2.
  • With the help of the Alligator and the AO indicator of the Bill Williams system, you can filter out false signals F1/F2, which will be false and at the same time accurately determine the correction wave. Such signals will be false and trade in the opposite direction.

Fibo grid and indicator

  • The levels for the output can be determined by the FIBO grid stretched over the signal level and the nearest peak on the fractal
  • For the F1 signal, you can hold targets from 161.8 – 421
  • For the F2 signal – you can keep the targets at 161.8 / 261.8
  • When a new wave or signal occurs, the fibo targets change accordingly and are determined in relation to the new signal.

What is important to know:

  • The F1/F2 signals can be signals of a certain part of the impulse part of the trend movement of the higher timeframe. Therefore, you can search for F1/F2 signals on the lower TFE, in the direction of the higher one. Goals can also be determined by the signal of the higher timeframe.
  • Stop levels of F1/F2 signals-can be used as exit/entry levels
  • If the signal is false, you can trade from the level of its stop by simply turning the position over.
  • The gray line on the chart is the stop line for the F1/F2 signal. It can be set by the number of candles from the signal one.

The indicator settings allow you to:

  • Monitor the current or specified number of assets
  • Include/Disable any signal on the chart or panel
  • Receive Alerts for a given signal or a combination of signals
  • Get an Alert for the specified timeframes


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