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With a single mouse click you can add the indicator Vwap V2 (free download available) to the graph. The indicator Vwap V2 has been extended with a cyclic Vwap indicator. With the cyclic Vwap indicator it is possible to reset the Vwap after a predetermined number of bars. e.g. the CAC 40 index, after 14 (closing – opening: 23-9 = 14) measures, a new day starts and the Vwap is automatically reset with a new time. Or in a graph of 5 minutes, 60/5 = 12, the Vwap will reset the time parameter every hour.

VWAP is the abbreviation for “Volume-Weighted Average Price”. This indicator has the particularity that it only applies to charts with intraday data, that is to say in a period less than a day. It will be perfect for performances in periods of 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour, etc. Moreover the calculation is carried out throughout a session and is reset at the next session. Its calculation method, which takes into account the cumulative volumes recorded during the session, and these alone, does not allow it to be calculated on daily or weekly data. It will therefore be a tool dedicated to the “day trader” or to the investor who focuses on short periods of time.

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